Addiction and Recovery

When I met you I was young. I first saw you around the people that I loved and respected most, my dad and extended family. They gathered around you at parties and holidays and they celebrated you daily. I could not wait until I met you.

We finally met in person when I was 11 years of age. I first drank you, then smoked you, then snorted you, and I was home for the first time in my life. You carried off my pain and fear and left only bliss. As fast as you came into my life, you failed me. I was left chasing the drunk and the high, but the relief you brought me in the beginning was replaced by darkness and isolation.

The more people around me that knew you, the more I felt alone - until I was alone. You stayed with me in my isolation and depression as you killed off the hope and love that others had for me and eventually the hope and love I had for myself. Then, something pierced your vast blackness. A small thread of love, reached down to me. It was forged long ago when I was just a small child. But it glistens with the illumination of hope. And even though it was just a fine thread, it held when I latched onto it, just before I drifted away, never to return.

I began to climb up out of you, growing stronger as I ascended into the light. I stand in the warmth of the sunshine now, surrounded by others who escaped your misery. We hold onto each other so that we do not slip back into your abyss. In fellowship, we appreciate the perspective you gave us, for had I not felt your cold, dark, hopelessness, I would not live in gratitude for the warm light of hope.

We stand resolute in our healing, unwavering. Together we hold a golden thread of hope that we dangle into your depths, so that the next soul you try to take, can grab hold and be pulled up to stand beside us in the sun.

Addiction and Recovery
By Scott Strode

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